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As technology has evolved our day-to-day lives, so have video games. Video games are becoming more popular amongst households with young kids, and parents are often frustrated when their kids play electronic games over traditional sports like basketball, hockey, or soccer. The purpose of organized youth eSports is to repurpose their time in a different way that would set them up for more success. We started Gaming Corner because we saw a large number of youth playing games all day, talking to strangers online, and getting cyberbullied. Some of these players also demonstrated signs of social anxiety, had disabilities, or couldn't fit in with others in a traditional sporting environment. At Gaming Corner, we structured our community to be inclusive and our programs to apply the life skills acquired through traditional sports (e.g. teamwork, communication, sportsmanship, respect, leadership) to eSports and gaming. As parents, teaching life skills to children can be challenging; we noticed that in our environment, our players were more receptive to these lessons when it was taught and reinforced by their peers and coaches.

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